Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 79th Pa!

July24th BW

Singing Happy Birthday. 

79 and still going strong – yeah!



My mother-in-law has been cleaning out our late Grandma’s house.  She found all kinds of fabulous hats.

The kids put on a hat show for Pa’s birthday.

I love that my son  is not afraid to join the modeling show, and wear a scarf!!





Playing outside after dinner. 

Because that’s the only time that’s even close to cool enough. 

Still in the 90’s after sunset.  UGH!!!




Swim Team Banquet

This girl loves a camera, that’s for sure.

Look at my extremely tall girl- these other little girls were in her age group this year!


I really enjoy photos that show the natural chaos of any situation ;)



Last Swim Meet

There’s my oldest, ‘kid-catching’ & cheering on the six and under age group. 



“Quick Mom, Grab Your Camera and THEN We’ll Go Look For the Pot of Gold”




Not my favorite shot (hard to shoot at dusk with a D60 – my D300 is in the shop), but a favorite memory.



These Eyes


f/2.8  1/80  ISO 100

These smiling eyes.




Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nothin’ Says Summer Like …

Sweaty, mad, braids & hair stuck in BBQ sauce on the face ;)





Lone Sunflower

My favorite lake to jog around. 

One particularly tough morning I was lucky enough to find the time for a jog.

Saw this beauty. 

Thank you to whomever planted this lone sunflower – to me, a random act of kindness.

It made my day, and maybe even my week.





Don’t have a macro lens, but how cool that a bee decided to pose for me?



Saturday, July 17, 2010


Playing with my newly rented 24-70 2.8.  Just can’t decide if I really want to invest that much money right now in the lens.  But I love love it.  Love it.  Really, I do!

Our new facial expression to master – serious.  Think she’s got it. (It helps she was tired of posing)







Like it a lot in B&W too.

July16th BW



It’s So Darn Hot

I am fortunate that my children enjoy reading~gotta stay cool indoors





Bedtime Story




Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Away Swim Meet

The anatomy of a relay race






Garden Fresh Tomatoes

Finally took the time to cook with my bounty!



Skins shiny from boiling – makes for easy removal.





Homemade spaghetti sauce … or more like Italian tomato soup!





Oh my I love my homemade spicy Pico De Gallo.  YUM!!!!!!!!




The Many Faces …


Grabbed my girl to photograph her in the beautiful evening light…


My good little model (;

(put a hat on her head because she isn’t into brushing her hair lately!)




and then I get this!








That’s My Boy




Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday Morning Stir-fry

Can I just tell you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my oldest is getting old enough to cook.  Old enough to want to and to trust doing it.

She found some leftover rice, pork BBQ and broccoli and with a little soy sauce and cracked pepper.  YUM!





Happy Birthday Kit


Have to come up with good indoor games when it’s 100 degrees outside and humid!



A Short Garden Tale

I was out in the garden picking pounds of tomatoes, waiting for my son to come around the house with the hose to water our poor, scorched plants.  This summer has definitely been the hottest ever, with no relief in sight.  Ugh.

I feel like I haven’t been on my photography game lately.  So, I was secretly happy when I noticed this and actually got my camera to photograph it.


I've found a spot in my kitchen for this print already!


So, where oh where is he with the hose?


And there you have it ;)

The End.




Love that Smile

She is VERY happy that the orthodontist said “ No braces yet.  Let’s wait six more months and see.”





Nikon D300 (big smile)

f/1.8  1/100   ISO 2500 (that’s right baby!)




Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Baby Z

I had the privilege of photographing my neighbor’s sweet 9lb baby girl.  Although she wasn’t super sleepy, she was super sweet & patient with me, as this was only my 2nd newborn shoot.



I took several shots indoors, but none really came out as nicely as this one. 

The outdoors really soothed this little sweetheart, and it also helped that it was 95+ degrees outside! 

(I tried but couldn’t get her to unroll her fingers!)June25th_1

What a great experience – I learned so much – especially that newborn photography takes a LOT of patience ;)

Thank you Z’s Momma!



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Surf City USA

And of course we HAD to go to the beach.  A mere 2 hour drive.   The weather was PERfect.  Ahhhh.


It takes a great  brother-in-law to get the youngest over her fears.  She’s a wave rider now!



Happy 4th

We had a pretty mellow 4th.

Neighborhood BBQ with some of the best BBQ EVER! (love my neighbors)

A few jello shots and some fireworks to complete the evening!



I love my sister & her beautiful smile!



Pool Day With Some Family

My sister and her hubby from SFO decided to visit for the 4th.  As well as my sister from KY.  So happy!

The all arrived in the morning after traveling all night.

What better place to relax than the pool, right?


The boys played.



And so did the girls ;)



7th Birthday Sleepover



Peace.  It’s everywhere!




Hello, again.

Oh how I have missed my blog. 

I am back.

I am not super-human, thus there are some (a lot) missing days.  Life goes on!



Hello, dimples.