Monday, March 28, 2011

Photo Challenge | Slice of Life

This week at I Heart Faces, the photo challenge is ‘slice of life’.  The image should be a moment captured, not posed.

I think the lifestyle approach to photography describes a lot of my favorite work, and seems to fulfill me as well as my clients the most.


This image is of my son.  I wanted to try to create an animate .gif file (see HOW TO and result HERE), and asked him to blow some bubbles for me.  I had no idea we would end up with this result … and image that is now one of my FAV-orites and will surely end up on my (work in progress) family photo wall.




Head over to I Heart Faces to enjoy a slice yourself!




Saturday, March 26, 2011

art museum outing

I probably shouldn’t call it an ‘outing’, as we live less that 3 miles from the NC Art Museum, BUT anytime you take three kids anywhere, it’s an outing (:


I love the way they love the art museum.  It’s so inspirational to listen to their young mind interpretations.


We all plopped down to relax in some groovy white chairs.  I noticed the white background and perfect light immediately – dream come true!  Didn’t tell the kids what I was up to – managed to snap this first …




f/2.0   1/125   ISO250   no flash/window light from left





then this one caught on…


mar25 5

same camera settings, but she’s seated facing the window.  See the difference?




mar25 9









a few from the outdoor portion of our visit.  The art museum grounds are another favorite spot for us – so much to see and do and run around!








The Rodin Garden





find a kid a wall…






and our favorite rolling hill…


this cracks me up every time I look at it!



Hope you’re having a nice weekend … until next time!




Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life’s Simple Pleasures



Been wanting to do this for a long while now, after I read THIS POST from one of my absolute favorite photographers… who happens to live in the state where all of my children were born…

I hope I get to meet Marina some day!




This makes me smile VERY big!




Happy Tuesday!




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It’s Official!

My new blog- site is up and running!  Check it out …


It is actually a blog, so you can follow me too (:


I am absolutely thrilled with it.  You may think, after seeing it, what took so long? It is so plain.

The decision has been made to keep the ‘clean slate look’ for a few reasons :


1. I like it (:

2. I’m not sure which direction my business will go in the next year.  I’m undecided.  I would hate to spend all the time & money to brand myself one way and end up another.  These things take time, and I am going to take the time.


And since no post is complete without a picture, here’s one a snapped yesterday at the arboretum.  I needed some time to breath, and it’s my favorite place to do so!





Sunday, March 13, 2011

Warm Breezes of Spring

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Here in NC it was 70 degrees and breezy yesterday.  Simply gorgeous!


Pulled out the kites and had some much needed relaxing family time.  My tank is full (:




f/9.0   1/160th  ISO160


See that speck?  It’s not your computer screen.  He kept splicing in more string as the winds allowed.  He was very proud of his most highest kite!

I’m sad to report that in the end the trees finally ate the kite.



Have a lovely Sunday!





Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Heart Faces : People’s Choice - Best Face Photo February

Had a lot to choose from for this category.   Spent a lot of time playing in our field, and for me analyzing the light on my subjects.  Ooh I just love the end of day light.  Always have, always will (:


This image was taken on my daughter’s 12th birthday.  She styled this shoot herself and we were both thrilled with the outcome! 
Check out more pretty faces at I HEART FACES this week ~ I’d be thankful if stopped by and voted for me!
I’m #308 … click HERE

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 52 Week NINE Assignment :: Street Photography black and white.

Well here I am in week *9* of the Sandi Bradshaw project 52, and so far I've partipated in only two weeks! Yikes is right. This week's assignment intrigued me, so I made a point to make it happen ...

Headed downtown around 4pm on Saturday with my husband. The plan was to park it on a corner, and hopefully let a scene 'unfold' infront of us. Well, we didn't follow the plan and walked around, stopping at a local bar for a cold beer on a Saturday afternoon sans children. NICE!
I took a bunch of pictures, but none that really grabbed me. Then, of course when we least expected it, the opportunity came. Walking to the car to go home, and there he was. Fast asleep. My heart raced. Completely out of my comfort zone!
My husband laughed at me as I tried to tip-toe in my heels (was taking a new profile pic too!) to get close to him - darn it I had my wide angle lens on so I had to get pretty close!

I survived, and here's my image ...



Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Bliss

Had an uber-productive day today, and ready for a ‘day off’ tomorrow! Exercise, sunshine & reading my Pro Photog magazine that came TODAY is on the agenda.  Ahhh!


My blogsite is SO close to completion I can taste it.  Nice.



For some reason my kids aren’t so happy with me today.  They can get over it.












I’m just kidding!


All is well, and this girl worked a fabulous little 5 minute shoot in exchange for a lollipop.




Ain’t life grande…







Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome March … and other stuff

Just incase you didn’t know, I am SO happy that our weather is acting more spring-like every day!  I took a 1/2 hour midday yesterday to enjoy our local arboretum.  It was sunny & windy, which I think helped create the beautiful painted-like bokeh in the background of this image.  Love the colors this time of year :






f/2.0     1/320   ISO125



Other things going on:

In the final stages of my KHP blogsite.  Got incredibly lucky that a close family friend has offered to create a logo and help me with my branding.  I am SO thankful and so excited about her ideas – brilliant! So, going to polish that up in the next few days, and hopefully go live with my blog shortly thereafter.  Just can’t wait!


Michelle Kane posted on her blog some incredibly good information on achieving good skin tones in photography.  If you are interested, click HERE.


Receiving a 16x20 canvas today of one of my all-time favorite shots, the leaping beach image (logo on my facebook page) … too bad it’s not for me, but can’t wait to share it with the client!  I’ll take pictures.



Enjoyed my blogging break … now back to it!

Have a great Wednesday!!