Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Your Walls

Good morning!


I’ve updated my ‘On Your Walls’ tab over at Kathy Howard Photography.  Click HERE to check it out … let me know what you think!


And since no post is complete without a picture, here’s another favorite from Ocracoke.  Our ferry ride over.  This image was NOT posed … lucky, right?!

I promise it’s moving up the to do list to post them all (:





Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rock and Roll !



Hey!  Working feverishly on all the updates I want to make to my KHP site before the art museum event – I now have some of my band photos posted in a gallery.  Click HERE if you want to check it out.  THANKS!!



Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to life, back to reality.


Spring break is over.  Man was it good!  I have a lot to share from our beach trip to Ocracoke.




I think I will live vicariously through this picture today – I hope it carries me through!



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ahhhhh the lake!

We had a long, sunny, lazy lake day today with friends that we don't get to see enough... a perfect way to spend the day!

Lots more pictures to share, but I am fond of this one especially...


Hope you are enjoying your day!


Monday, April 18, 2011

the school play.



There’s something so ‘all-american’ to me about a school play.



apr13 1


My girl the tree.  She sat patiently with her head poked through that thing through the entire play, until her one line of fame at the end!

This snapshot cracks me up.  I love seeing all the kids faces at that moment!










She felt proud to be the one to present the flowers to the music teacher.  It’s the little things I tell you!


We leave Thursday for the beach – my camera and I cannot wait (:  Meeting friends at the lake tomorrow to beat some 85 degree heat – I’ll try to post before I leave.


Happy Monday!



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring break is here!


And just in time!  Talk about a late break – my kids are worn out, and so am I!  Looking forward to NOT waking up at 5:45 tomorrow morning, so so so so much (:


For now we are hanging out at home, getting some things done -like putting away winter clothes(!) and planting some flowers.


Thursday we will head to our favorite spot in NC, Ocracoke Island.  Ooooh just can’t wait to feel that sand between my toes – and hopefully the water isn’t too cold…


Here are my girls – so excited to have started break – they put on a show for me:


spring break girls dance 

all of these images were taken with ISO 2500 and no flash.  I can honestly say I still in love with my D300S as much as the first day I brought her home (:  And the noise removal in Lightroom.  It’s the bomb!!





My son and his best neighborhood friend.  The hardly see each other during the school year, but like most kids pick up right where they left off … baseball in the street.  Where’s the apple pie?!


Blog Snap-4


I like the blog snaps okay, but think I still prefer posting image by image.  You think?


Hope you enjoy your week – right now it is sunny and my window is open, the kids are playing hide and seek outside and we are getting ready to grill some burgers.  YES!



I Heart Faces Photo Challenge : Wind


This was one of the windiest beach trips we have ever taken.  Luckily my children are old enough and tall enough to withstand the sand whipping across their legs!




IHF wind


f/5.0  1/640th  ISO 100


We named this shot ‘walking on the moon’!


I really wanted to capture the aura of the blowing sand, so I played with camera settings until I was successful.


Click HERE to see more windy entries at I Heart Faces this week!





Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Game of the Season


Man, does my son L O V E some baseball!  This is his first season with kid pitch.  The progression in level of play really amazes me every year. 

Of course I had to take a few snaps before we left the house ….


(f/2.8  1/160th  ISO250)

ooooh I just love this little man (:









(f/2.8  1/160th  ISO250)

Growing into a young man.  Or maybe he is already but I’m just in denial.







He takes his play VERY seriously…


(f/5.6  1/125th  ISO200)

…which can be hard to do when all you hear is crickets !


Hope you’re enjoying Spring, wherever you are~



Monday, April 11, 2011

The Delivery, or Not.


Okay, so I had it all worked out.  I would gather my children from school and all of their after school activities, and we would deliver the print to the art museum together.  How cool for them and me, I thought.  They will get to see behind the scenes at the art museum (one of their favorite places!) and possibly meet some other artists.  In case you didn’t know, my youngest is an aspiring artist, with the pencil and the instrument (:

Anyway, it was 5 o’clock and we were all home.  Whipped out the camera to take some pre-delivery shots.  This one ended up being my favorite, and it’s the one where I’m testing my camera settings!





(for photogs – I always take at least one test shot to verify my histogram is where I need it to be.  Click HERE for a tutorial provided by MCP Actions)


“Let me check my email one more time to verify exactly where I need to go ” I told my kids, as they loaded into the car.  I pulled up the email, and it said, “… from 10a-5pm”.  Oh swear word.  I thought the drop –off time ended at 6pm.  So we rushed over, and although the art museum isn’t far from my house, we had to endure some ridiculous Carolina Hurricanes pre-game traffic on the way. 


I was a bit stressed because I am the on time person.  I HATE to be late.  Especially for glorious moments such as this!!

We arrived at 5:45 and there was nobody but the crickets hanging around. 


Needless to say, this tipped my mood a bit.  However, I was able to deliver my print the next day.  Without the children.  Without any photographic evidence.  But that’s okay (:



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

North Carolina Museum of Art … Here I Come!!



Yup, you read that right … this image will be hanging in the North Carolina Museum of Art (East buidling – the NEW one) from May6th-May21st!!!

I submitted this image to be considered for the Art of the Auction Event, and to my absolute joy it was chosen!  All works will be auctioned via silent auction, but one will be chosen as ‘best in show’, winning $1000 and included in the LIVE auction.  Not sure when that will be announced, but if I win best in show you will surely hear about it!

I have created a Facebook Event Page with more information … click HERE to visit.  Oh, and I’d be flattered if you’d ‘like’ Kathy Howard Photography while you’re there (:

If you are in the area, I’d love to see you at the opening (free) event on May 6th.  I will be updating this event page, and probably this blog too, with pictures from this whole experience.  Today the kids & I will deliver the print to the back loading docks – exciting stuff!


Thanks for reading & following me on my journey!



Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Face Photo Challenge : March 2011

This week it’s peoples choice at I HEART FACES!



IHF best face march


Love my little sunshine.  Oh so much.


Click HERE to vote … I am #332!





Exciting news … coming soon!


I can tell you this : the news has to do with this image :



the leap 900


I am 100x more than thrilled!!!

More info by Wednesday…