Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring break is here!


And just in time!  Talk about a late break – my kids are worn out, and so am I!  Looking forward to NOT waking up at 5:45 tomorrow morning, so so so so much (:


For now we are hanging out at home, getting some things done -like putting away winter clothes(!) and planting some flowers.


Thursday we will head to our favorite spot in NC, Ocracoke Island.  Ooooh just can’t wait to feel that sand between my toes – and hopefully the water isn’t too cold…


Here are my girls – so excited to have started break – they put on a show for me:


spring break girls dance 

all of these images were taken with ISO 2500 and no flash.  I can honestly say I still in love with my D300S as much as the first day I brought her home (:  And the noise removal in Lightroom.  It’s the bomb!!





My son and his best neighborhood friend.  The hardly see each other during the school year, but like most kids pick up right where they left off … baseball in the street.  Where’s the apple pie?!


Blog Snap-4


I like the blog snaps okay, but think I still prefer posting image by image.  You think?


Hope you enjoy your week – right now it is sunny and my window is open, the kids are playing hide and seek outside and we are getting ready to grill some burgers.  YES!



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