Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Day in Boston

My brother’s had this crazy idea that we should say the heck with sight-seeing, and go to the beach.  Loved it!

We drove way the heck out there to a city called Hull, MA.  It was beautiful and really interesting to see a New England beach town vs. Southern beach town.  A lot of similarities yet so different.



My brothers are the best uncles around.  Four square anyone?




It was the middle of the day, so perhaps the lighting isn’t so great on his face… but really, all I see are those wonderful rolls on those adorable legs anyway!!!



Not too keen on the full body dunk! 

We left the beach running late.  We picked up pizza and ate it in the car on the way to the airport.  I needed to make sure I had enough time to get through security without any ID!!  It took about 20 extra minutes (humiliating – sitting on a stool in the middle of security for all to gaze), and a lot of questions & a full body scan, but I made it.  Whew – you never know with security these days!




Father’s Day

I was pretty happy to be able to actually see my Dad on Father’s Day.  It’s been forever!

Unfortunately we didn’t get our photo together, but here are my folks with all of their grandkids… so far…!




We then trained it downtown to The Commons, and strolled (more like dragged – they were worn out!) with our children through a beautiful garden.




So, we decided to take a break for a cold beverage during the heat of the day. 

Who knew our kids were starving and ate like they had never been fed before?!



Met up with the rest of our crew later in the day.  Here’s our crewe heading to a great dinner spot.  Somehow I lost my travel wallet (in my camera bag) running ahead to get this shot.  I do love this shot!




I tell you, this little guy amazed me.  Still so happy after lack of a good nap & being lugged all around the city!




Party at Farm Pond


The main reason we visited Boston was to attend my brother’s 40th birthday party.  Coincidentally my little girls actual birthday fell on the same date.  So, lucky girl had yet another birthday cake! 

Thank you so much to our gracious hostess who decorated the cake with the most beautiful fairies.  I was going to photograph them, but the kids got to them first!






We were so happy to see our nephew R for the first time since he was a 2 week old.  He is the best sweetest chubbiest yummiest happiest baby!



Cheeks, anyone?! 




My Dad and my baby ;)





Took a while to scout out a decent location to photograph this wonderful family.  Bright sunny day with mostly dappled shade, which I don’t care for at all!

Tough back-lighting here, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I am feeling more and more comfortable in Manual Mode. Yeah!




Sorry for the extremely long absence.  Life has thrown me some curve balls lately, that’s for sure.

But, I am strong, I am woman …

Here are more Boston photos.

I am determined to keep this blog going for the full 365.  Determined.  Almost 1/2 way already!



Riding the Boston public transit T boat. 





My brother is a diver at the New England Aquaruim.  He feed sharks.  Crazy, crazy man!

However, we had the most incredible day behind the scenes at the aquarium, as well as special hands on experiences.  And as you see, he held up a special sign for my birthday girl.  Coolest Uncle award!!




~~~Fur Seal Kisses~~~








Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We’re Back!

Wow – Boston was a whirlwind of fun and we’re still recovering!

It’ll probably take me a few days to catch up the blog … lots going on this week.



Ahhh, she let me take her cute freckle photo on the way to camp (:



On our way to the airport!

Waiting for our shuttle bus from the park and ride.






This photo really speaks to me.





Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Almost Birthday

This afternoon we are all flying up to Boston.  We will not only be celebrating my brother’s 40th birthday, but my baby’s 7th birthday.  AND as an added bonus, I will get to spend father’s day with my Dad (for the first time in over a decade or two?) and another brother, who is a celebrating father’s day for the first time.  Yeah!!

I love family gatherings.  My family is awesome through and through (:


Last night we celebrated my youngest birthday with my in-laws. 

June16th_1 f/1.4  1/60  ISO1600  no flash – nice big window

Seven.  Sigh.


June16th f/3.2  1/125  ISO1600

Good gosh I love this girl!!


See you next week – will be ‘unplugged’ until then!



First Swim Meet


f/2.2  1/100 ISO100

On our way to the meet. 

Some games are classic.  Luckily I still remember cat’s cradle, do you?


June15th_2 f/3.5  1/320  ISO400

And then there are some things that I never did as a kid  … peace baby!


June15th_1 f/2.8  1/80  ISO100

What to do when the meet is cancelled due to a storm?  You betcha!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge “Babies”


My sweet nephew Rex.  The last time I saw him was this photo when he was barely two weeks old. 

CHI_0046 BW

This weekend I will see him again at almost 5 months old … and he’s chubby and smiley … ooooh I can’t wait !!!

If you need your baby fix click HERE to see more “Babies” entries at I Heart Faces this week.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Signs of Summer


f/2.8  1/60  ISO200

Pool hair.





f/2.8  1/60  ISO200

First batch of  roma tomatoes from the garden – oh yes!
If you want the best Pico de Gallo recipe, click HERE for our favorite from Pioneer Woman.  We discovered this recipe last summer, and have made it several hundred times now! (maybe I’m exaggerating – not sure)

Serve with baked Tostitos and it’s guilt free and good for you too!



Just grilling in the rain


We kept waiting for the storm to pass … and of course the minute we decide to start the grill…!


f/2.0  1/100  ISO400

Enjoying the bounty from our garden!

Cut the fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes and yellow squash in half, a little EVOO and salt/pepper, and on the grill they go.  Oh my goodness it’s so good!  Love some summer veggies.



Night Vision


f/1.4  1/13  ISO3200

Hubby and I went downtown for live music Saturday night. 

Waited for a vehicle to come along behind me (lucky it was a bus) and shot my reflection.  Kinda groovy!



f/1.4  1/100  ISO3200

Spotlight from patio coming from the right.

Tattoo of the handsome and kind bouncer.




Senior Portraits

Last Friday I attended a photography workshop, properly titled the (un)Workshop (lots of fun – no work!)

It was hosted by one of my favorite photographers and bloggers, Rachel Durik of Savor Photography.  She is even more fabulous in person than I imagined.

She was so generous and shared with us an immense amount of  tips & knowledge. 

My favorite part of the day was shooting with Rachel.  Nothing beats hands-on experience!


This young lady is a simply stunning gal, through and through.  Not only does she have a full college scholarship, she is taking the year off to travel and teach abroad. 


Could a person be more photogenic?



My favorite of all … for now anyway




Work it Kaylie!



And Rachel working her magic.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good-Bye Elementary School


June10th_2 On our way to her last day in elementary school.  Really?



She was chosen to read her end of year essay at the graduation ceremony ;)



Our wonderful principal and buddy to my girl.



Last time they’ll all be in the same school.  Sigh.



Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Little 1st Grade Friends


I love my little 1st grade friends … especially the one in the top row center ;)

I will miss them all this summer!



It’s that time of year again…

… for swim team season!  And all three are swimming this year – triple bonus!



She didn’t have the confidence last year, but she sure does this year.



Swimming super star :)    (It’s nice to be the older kid in the age group for once – not to mention he’s all muscle!)



Sweet tweenagers ;)



5th Grade Dance Party

One of the many reasons that I have been so busy lately … 5th Grade dance committee.

We hired such a great DJ – he really had the kids going!



I also set up an area with props for the kids to have their photo made.  It was a ton of fun!

Here’s a pic of my oldest and one of her BFF’s – unfortunately we had already taken down the decorations, but I love this ‘rule the school’ look on their faces!



I had about 300 prints made at Wolf Camera (.06 a piece) and the displayed them on a giant ribbon board at graduation today.  The kids LOVED it, and loved taking a small memoir of elementary school with them.  Sigh.