Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father’s Day

I was pretty happy to be able to actually see my Dad on Father’s Day.  It’s been forever!

Unfortunately we didn’t get our photo together, but here are my folks with all of their grandkids… so far…!




We then trained it downtown to The Commons, and strolled (more like dragged – they were worn out!) with our children through a beautiful garden.




So, we decided to take a break for a cold beverage during the heat of the day. 

Who knew our kids were starving and ate like they had never been fed before?!



Met up with the rest of our crew later in the day.  Here’s our crewe heading to a great dinner spot.  Somehow I lost my travel wallet (in my camera bag) running ahead to get this shot.  I do love this shot!




I tell you, this little guy amazed me.  Still so happy after lack of a good nap & being lugged all around the city!




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