Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Day in Boston

My brother’s had this crazy idea that we should say the heck with sight-seeing, and go to the beach.  Loved it!

We drove way the heck out there to a city called Hull, MA.  It was beautiful and really interesting to see a New England beach town vs. Southern beach town.  A lot of similarities yet so different.



My brothers are the best uncles around.  Four square anyone?




It was the middle of the day, so perhaps the lighting isn’t so great on his face… but really, all I see are those wonderful rolls on those adorable legs anyway!!!



Not too keen on the full body dunk! 

We left the beach running late.  We picked up pizza and ate it in the car on the way to the airport.  I needed to make sure I had enough time to get through security without any ID!!  It took about 20 extra minutes (humiliating – sitting on a stool in the middle of security for all to gaze), and a lot of questions & a full body scan, but I made it.  Whew – you never know with security these days!




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