Sunday, October 31, 2010

a little ketchup.

As much as I try to blog every day, some days it just isn’t meant to be!


Here are photos from the last few days, and the stories behind them:




Practicing my wide apertures.  So happy I nailed the eyes on this one at 2.0.  Practice makes perfect!

Finally took the Halloween bins out of the attic … 3 days before Halloween.  We have some fun wigs … that turned into a dress-up/photo session …



I love it when she’s ‘in the mood’ to be photographed, and plays model for me (:





Sometimes we get this …







and sometimes we get this …


I may need to explore high fashion photography.  Really in love with this shot.







FRIDAY : No school.  Teacher workday.  Was lovely to sleep in, and meet up with our friends to play.

Headed to my favorite lake that is currently being drained to work on the dam.  Thought the kids would like to run on the muddy banks.  Didn’t know they’d end up thigh deep in mucky muck.  We lost TWO pair of Crocs this day!





The Howard/Stern gang :





Have a HAPPY & SAFE Halloween!!




Thursday, October 28, 2010

It’s carving time.


Pardon my cheesy photo!  Walked in the door, stuck on my flash, and took a photo without even reviewing settings.

Had just gotten home from an evening appointment to find my lovelies carving their pumpkins.  You see, this was about the only chance to do this between now and Halloween.  We have become a typical over-scheduled family, and I can’t say I like it too much.  Almost 70 miles on my car yesterday.  I didn’t go anywhere!  I suppose such is life with three children, two different schools & atleast 2 extra-curricular activities each. 

Is it the weekend yet? (not sure weekend is any better actually!)




Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More camping and an illusion.





Saturday’s mini-bonfires were so much fun, we decided to drag out the firepit and cook lunch on it Sunday!

I shot this picture into the direct sun, exposing for his face.  I love some back lighting on hair!






The inspiration for this photo came from an very old photo that my mother-in-law gave me.  I wish my scanner was working so that I could post it alongside these shots!

(sharpening by Windows Live Writer.  hmmm)







Dontcha envy those knees?!

(not sharpened. hmmm)




Sadly I have not taken any photos since Sunday.  The one time I was inspired I didn’t have my camera with me, and I guess I’m mad at myself for not bringing it! 

Monday I went to the post-fair mum sale for the first time.  I saw, oh, maybe a dozen or so incredible photo ops?!  Rides being broken down, trash everywhere, and 100’s of mums in all colors.  ARgh!

I had dashed out of the house after the bus stop to get the cheap mums before they were all gone, and thought of my camera about half way there.  Which it was only 2 miles away.  Should’ve turned around.  BUT I got 10 lush large mums for $20!

Anyway, I’m disappointed with myself and that’s probably the source of my lack of   inspiration.

Today’s a new day, albeit it forecasted 85 degrees!




A Saturday at Home

Besides the morning basketball game, we stayed home ALL day.  The weather was perfect.

The kids (especially oldest) were so happy and content to have nothing to do.  Ahhhh.

They played ‘camping’ (taught son to strike match) ALL afternoon and got very dirty.

Good stuff!









First Orchestra Concert


I am the proud owner of a violin player AND a cellist!



She brought her school cello home recently, and played a duet with her sister.

I may have had tears in my eyes.  Just maybe.




Sunday, October 24, 2010

the fair.

I have to admit, North Carolina hosts an amazing fair.  Every year it seems to get better and better!  Or could it just be that with having ‘older’ children, we enjoy more of the same things (and it’s less work!)?  

I was going to put together a cool post with storyboards, but it’s late and I’m feeling lazy now.  So, here’s a few favorite moments:




It’s all about the chickens and the baby chicks.  Year after year.






Mr. Poniros of the Roast Grill in Raleigh.  Been at the fair for 53 years now.  He’s quite a character!






oooh yes.  It’s all about some hot funnel cake for me!!!








and the hot roasted buttery corn.  I think I’m getting hungry!






And of course the rides.  The joy and smiles they bring are priceless!




Flag Football


Ahhhh … fall sports are in full swing and we are doing the shuffle every day!


Isn’t that #5 (with the giant mouthguard) a handsome little dude?



And yes, we are ECSTATIC that he is playing for the Redskins!!




Oct. 17 : The Handsome Haists

We used to be neighbors until they moved.  That was about three years ago, and we’ve seen each other maybe once or twice since then!  Funny how life gets so busy and time just flies right on by.

When she called me to photograph their family, she said she wanted something different.  I suggested an urban shoot and she was excited!  She came up with the red dress idea and I nearly jumped for joy – love it!

I had such a blast cruising around downtown with such a fun & beautiful family – will definitely post more from this shoot in the very near future. 






p.s. I have a page on facebook now – click HERE if you’d like to check it out!




Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If you have any interest in photographing children…

… don’t miss this free weekend online workshop Nov.19-21 with Tamara Lackey!

Click HERE to go to registration and info page.

I’ll be there!




Took the fam downtown Saturday afternoon to scout locations for my Sunday urban shoot.

We had a blast!



Here are a few of my favorites:



You will be seeing this loading dock again. 

Think gorgeous mom in a red dress with her adorable boys & husband (:







I’m a lover of window reflection.  Yum.








Definitely coming back to this arch.


Next up – sneak peeks from my two shoots on Sunday – can’t wait to share!





hello lovely light.


Still playing with my 24mm. 

I really like the distortion around the edges – but not fisheye - call me crazy!




all about her.

oct14th_1 I love the old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.  I took this shot because of our dog in the window, and it made me laugh.  However, this photo is everything about my daughter.  Reading, outdoors, quilting, second hand skirt (her fav worn atleast once a week), bracelets (wears one every day), and Willis.  Her best friend.






Daddy’s new work truck – hangin’ out!

(and I feel lucky I got two photos of her this day!)





Thursday, October 14, 2010



Boy things have changed since I had braces, but I’m not going go there (and date myself terribly!)

He is only 9, but we are correcting a severe crossbite with this ‘first phase’ of orthodonture. 

Let’s just say it’s tough to have your teeth hurt when you’re only nine. 



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Goofin’


The child could seriously survive on candy.  Oh, and that is what a close-up with a 24mm looks like!





what a cool date, and a cool day.  Enjoying my new wide angle lens immensely!

(this pose was her idea – and I like it!)




First time acolyte.  Oh, my sweet boy ;)




Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello October~

So, I haven’t taken a photo EVERY day, but pretty close (:

Here’s what we’ve been up to :



ferrying to Ocracoke – one day late due to weather issues i.e. shifting sandbars that stop ferrys!


A stunning sunset.  I waited and waited for the orange ball, and it dropped so far west of this line that it wasn’t even in it!








My birthday.  On the beach.  With my family.  Perfect ;)









Morning before catching the noon ferry.  Finally the ocean was calming and the skies were clearing.



Camera timer on the back of the truck!








Wacky Wednesday at school – LOVE that my kids love this stuff!






More fun with foam hair rollers ;)







Middle school is fitting her soooo well!  We now have another musician in the family  - five days/week for one hour makes a talented cello player!!

(more photos next round – she wasn’t into me photographing her – i snuck this shot!)






Friday night on the back deck.  Grilling steak and eating appetizer of brie & hot bread.

This shot taken with my NEW 24mm 2.8 wide angle.  I’m loving it!




rounding out september


I realize I am many days late, but between my last update and now, we’ve been to the beach for a long weekend & I’m working on a few behind the scenes projects, including this blog.  It’s almost done!  And delivering client orders!  Two more shoots coming next week,both very different, and both I’m really excited about!


On to September …


Finally!  Weather that’s not too hot to walk a dog!










Thank goodness for our first rain in about a month.  You bet we played in it!









The rain was nice, but in with it came a tropical storm that flooded a lot of Eastern NC.  Where we headed for my birthday weekend!  It was wild, wet & windy.

We met my brother and his wife (from Boston -expecting their first!) near Hatteras, NC.  Our ferry to Ocracoke was cancelled, so we decided to play on the beach in the crazy weather.

Snapped this shot thinking I’d get a a much better one the next day, when the skies were supposed to be sunny and blue.  That didn’t happen, and I’m glad I got this shot – foggy lens and all!  I like the way it makes the image look ‘glowy’.



SO happy for them ~ can’t wait to meet the new little one in March!




Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blog Under Construction

I’ve decided to give this blog a small facelift that will make it easier for me to update my header and such.  *The photos currently in the slideshow are not mine!  * (soon to change once I figure it out)