Sunday, October 10, 2010

rounding out september


I realize I am many days late, but between my last update and now, we’ve been to the beach for a long weekend & I’m working on a few behind the scenes projects, including this blog.  It’s almost done!  And delivering client orders!  Two more shoots coming next week,both very different, and both I’m really excited about!


On to September …


Finally!  Weather that’s not too hot to walk a dog!










Thank goodness for our first rain in about a month.  You bet we played in it!









The rain was nice, but in with it came a tropical storm that flooded a lot of Eastern NC.  Where we headed for my birthday weekend!  It was wild, wet & windy.

We met my brother and his wife (from Boston -expecting their first!) near Hatteras, NC.  Our ferry to Ocracoke was cancelled, so we decided to play on the beach in the crazy weather.

Snapped this shot thinking I’d get a a much better one the next day, when the skies were supposed to be sunny and blue.  That didn’t happen, and I’m glad I got this shot – foggy lens and all!  I like the way it makes the image look ‘glowy’.



SO happy for them ~ can’t wait to meet the new little one in March!




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