Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More camping and an illusion.





Saturday’s mini-bonfires were so much fun, we decided to drag out the firepit and cook lunch on it Sunday!

I shot this picture into the direct sun, exposing for his face.  I love some back lighting on hair!






The inspiration for this photo came from an very old photo that my mother-in-law gave me.  I wish my scanner was working so that I could post it alongside these shots!

(sharpening by Windows Live Writer.  hmmm)







Dontcha envy those knees?!

(not sharpened. hmmm)




Sadly I have not taken any photos since Sunday.  The one time I was inspired I didn’t have my camera with me, and I guess I’m mad at myself for not bringing it! 

Monday I went to the post-fair mum sale for the first time.  I saw, oh, maybe a dozen or so incredible photo ops?!  Rides being broken down, trash everywhere, and 100’s of mums in all colors.  ARgh!

I had dashed out of the house after the bus stop to get the cheap mums before they were all gone, and thought of my camera about half way there.  Which it was only 2 miles away.  Should’ve turned around.  BUT I got 10 lush large mums for $20!

Anyway, I’m disappointed with myself and that’s probably the source of my lack of   inspiration.

Today’s a new day, albeit it forecasted 85 degrees!




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