Sunday, October 31, 2010

a little ketchup.

As much as I try to blog every day, some days it just isn’t meant to be!


Here are photos from the last few days, and the stories behind them:




Practicing my wide apertures.  So happy I nailed the eyes on this one at 2.0.  Practice makes perfect!

Finally took the Halloween bins out of the attic … 3 days before Halloween.  We have some fun wigs … that turned into a dress-up/photo session …



I love it when she’s ‘in the mood’ to be photographed, and plays model for me (:





Sometimes we get this …







and sometimes we get this …


I may need to explore high fashion photography.  Really in love with this shot.







FRIDAY : No school.  Teacher workday.  Was lovely to sleep in, and meet up with our friends to play.

Headed to my favorite lake that is currently being drained to work on the dam.  Thought the kids would like to run on the muddy banks.  Didn’t know they’d end up thigh deep in mucky muck.  We lost TWO pair of Crocs this day!





The Howard/Stern gang :





Have a HAPPY & SAFE Halloween!!




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  1. Hi Kathy....I just LOVE to stop by and look/envy your photos. Btw..I accidently deleted my blog but have a new one.