Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello October~

So, I haven’t taken a photo EVERY day, but pretty close (:

Here’s what we’ve been up to :



ferrying to Ocracoke – one day late due to weather issues i.e. shifting sandbars that stop ferrys!


A stunning sunset.  I waited and waited for the orange ball, and it dropped so far west of this line that it wasn’t even in it!








My birthday.  On the beach.  With my family.  Perfect ;)









Morning before catching the noon ferry.  Finally the ocean was calming and the skies were clearing.



Camera timer on the back of the truck!








Wacky Wednesday at school – LOVE that my kids love this stuff!






More fun with foam hair rollers ;)







Middle school is fitting her soooo well!  We now have another musician in the family  - five days/week for one hour makes a talented cello player!!

(more photos next round – she wasn’t into me photographing her – i snuck this shot!)






Friday night on the back deck.  Grilling steak and eating appetizer of brie & hot bread.

This shot taken with my NEW 24mm 2.8 wide angle.  I’m loving it!




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