Monday, June 14, 2010

Senior Portraits

Last Friday I attended a photography workshop, properly titled the (un)Workshop (lots of fun – no work!)

It was hosted by one of my favorite photographers and bloggers, Rachel Durik of Savor Photography.  She is even more fabulous in person than I imagined.

She was so generous and shared with us an immense amount of  tips & knowledge. 

My favorite part of the day was shooting with Rachel.  Nothing beats hands-on experience!


This young lady is a simply stunning gal, through and through.  Not only does she have a full college scholarship, she is taking the year off to travel and teach abroad. 


Could a person be more photogenic?



My favorite of all … for now anyway




Work it Kaylie!



And Rachel working her magic.



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  1. Just saw this, great work! So different from photographing kids, right!? :)