Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 52 Week NINE Assignment :: Street Photography black and white.

Well here I am in week *9* of the Sandi Bradshaw project 52, and so far I've partipated in only two weeks! Yikes is right. This week's assignment intrigued me, so I made a point to make it happen ...

Headed downtown around 4pm on Saturday with my husband. The plan was to park it on a corner, and hopefully let a scene 'unfold' infront of us. Well, we didn't follow the plan and walked around, stopping at a local bar for a cold beer on a Saturday afternoon sans children. NICE!
I took a bunch of pictures, but none that really grabbed me. Then, of course when we least expected it, the opportunity came. Walking to the car to go home, and there he was. Fast asleep. My heart raced. Completely out of my comfort zone!
My husband laughed at me as I tried to tip-toe in my heels (was taking a new profile pic too!) to get close to him - darn it I had my wide angle lens on so I had to get pretty close!

I survived, and here's my image ...



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