Thursday, January 14, 2010

Variety Thursday


My baby girl is getting ready to pass into young girl-hood.  Losing a front tooth any second now.  Yeah, she’s lost a couple already, but nothing changes the smile more than the front tooth.  That sweet baby smile … who knew I was so sentimental?  I do embrace her growing up, but it’s just so bittersweet with the youngest one.

I am shooting in Manual Mode on my Nikon D60 now (M on the dial).  Thus, this picture has ‘blown out’ highlights, as my setting weren’t quite correct.  Funny though, I kinda like it.  I may try this more often, perhaps not as severely.  We’ll see.  The beauty of photography and taking lots of pictures – you learn something every day!  Whether it be about your personal tastes or operating your camera, it’s a good thing.  I can already tell I am going to enjoy this 365 journey!


May be one of the last times I see this perfect little ‘baby’ smile.


There’s more! As if ice on the lake wasn’t enough of an oddity (first time in 5 years), now there’s swans!  Lucky for me I happened to grab my camera on the way out the door.  I was simply going to take photos of the ice, as my children were skeptical.  I was jogging along, checking for good views to come back and take photos of ice, and if I didn’t stop dead in my tracks and rub my eyes!  A pair of swans making a perfect heart shape with their heads!  To make the long story short, I ran BACK to my car (about 1/2 mile), got my camera, and proceeded to have a really fun photo walk/jog in the 28 degree weather.  (I’m so so lucky to have the freedom to do these things!)


One more from my photo walk.  Definitely going to do this EVERY month!


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