Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning to Ride.

Hello November!  (Yes, I know I’m many days late to say that!)

So, my  7 year old has never wanted to learn to ride her bike.  Being the youngest, we never pushed her.  She’ll learn  when she’s ready (no wonder the 3rd child is so laid back, right?!) . 

That afternoon she came home from school and stated she is ready to ride her bike.  I told her let me get my shoes on and I’ll come out and help.  “No, Mom, I can do it myself.”  (advantage of waiting until child is 7)

Well, okay, then I get to take pictures!



Kind of funny how small the bike is on her now, as opposed to when we got it years ago.  She’s gonna be my 6 footer, I just know it!







She was starting to get frustrated after about 15 minutes of trying, but was getting VERY close.  Daddy came home and she took his advice to practice on the grass (don’t you love our new fall grass?!). 






“I think I’ve got it Mom”

(yes, I had to jump out of the way!)







We’ve got it now! 

Thanks big bro for supervising (:










For photogs : very low light situation.  ISO 1600 used on this last photo thus the noise, or ‘grain’.  (I didn’t remove it because I like it on this pic)



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