Tuesday, November 9, 2010

signs of fall?

Have been watching and waiting for some glorious fall trees, but haven’t seen too many yet.

This tree is next to my house – pretty nice, but not stunning (at least to me):


I decided to take a moment from my hectic day to visit my favorite spot, the Arboretum.  I thought for sure I’d find some fall beauty there.  Well, I was wrong!  No red or yellow leaves to be found.  Instead, this :




Roses blooming!






Seriously one of the most interesting blooms I’ve ever seen.  No sign to say what it was.


Hope you’re having some glorious fall where you are!





  1. Such a beautiful place! I hated that we didn't get to meet on our photowalk at the beginning of the year. The flowers weren't in bloom like that....those are A-MA-ZING!