Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random things


Hello!!  I’m here – but haven’t been here in a while. 

Many things going on, not all good.  I caught my usual one illness of the year 10 days ago, and I am sad to report that after I thought I was done 7 days in, I relapsed to a nasty chest cold possible flu.  YUCK.  Trying like crazy to not get my kids sick, but so far one is.

Leaving for sunny FLA in two days – hoping to be well by then.  I’m not sure they’d let me fly if they heard my cough!  Think I’m visiting the doc tomorrow.




(breath of air here)



New computer arrived a few days ago.  Nice wide screen, lots of memory … should speed up my processes.  Well, computers and I don’t necessarily get along, and the ‘new guy’ is still not up to par.  Sooooo frustrating!  But, getting closer all the time.


Enough chatter … here’s what we’ve been up to recently :


Friday night jam session – our new family fun!



Oh it makes my heart SO happy to hear them play a duet! 

Soon our son will join in – he is going to start guitar lessons soon.




Cousins visited from VA, and the weather was ‘warm’ (50 I think?!)


Have a lovely evening… more coming soon!



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