Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Smile Photo Contest


Firstly, thank you SO much to everyone who voted for me in the BEST FACE contest.  I didn’t win, but I am humbled by all of your support – much gratitude!




This week the contest is about your best smile photo.  Yet again, another tough choice …






two sis 1500 df sharp



I am fortunate my girls like to model and most of the time give me some great expressions.  However, I love it most when I catch them in their un-posed pose!


Head on over to I HEART FACES to add some more smiles to your day~





  1. This is perfect! And that is too sweet! Great shot!

  2. This picture is so sweet - I love a sweet sisterly love shot.

  3. Keep this forever! I wish I had more pictures of my sister and I together.

    Great photo and processing!

  4. Beautiful picture Kathy. You have become an amazing photographer! :)

  5. So beautiful! I love they colors.