Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ahhhh the mountains!



Hey ya’ll …. got my mountain lingo workin' for me after a nice, long & cool weekend at Wilson’s Creek.

Yup, we camped.  Yup, we got rained on.  Yup, the kids fought.  But there was no TV, no cell phones and no electricity.  There’s something so perfect about that.




I wanted a shot of all of my ‘kids’, so I did the classic ‘stop and say cheese’ method – yikes!  I tried all day to get them all acting naturally in the same spot, but there was just too much fun and exploring to make that happen.


Lots more to come later this week.  Now that summer has started I am going to do my best to keep to some sort of computer schedule, so that I can hang out with my kids & enjoy them. 

So this machine goes off at 9am and I have 45minutes to finish up – gotta run!


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Thanks & have a great Tuesday!!



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