Monday, June 27, 2011

It’s Monday … again!


Amazing how that works Smile


Been enjoying summer and working hard.  Lots of good stuff to share, and now that the kids are in camp this week, I may just get around to it!


Here is what I gave my husband for Father’s Day :




A nice 8x10 printed and mounted on styrene, so we can frame it – or not!

I got this image just goofin’ around, practicing some posing techniques on them.  I got THE moment – and I have to say I’m stoked about it!



Other (exciting!) news:

In preparation for my first wedding November 4th, I have lined up two weddings to assist and second shoot this fall! 

First one is in September, with the uber talented Todd Nichols of Todd Nichols Photography.  SO excited for this wedding – it’s going to be HUGE – the daughter of the infamous Pat Day is getting married.  The venue, The Brown Hotel, is absolutely elegant and amazing.  Just can’t wait!


Second wedding I’m working is going to be equally amazing, if not more!  I will be working along side one of my all time favorite photographers, the fabulous Rachel Durik of Savor Photography.   (I took a workshop with her last June) The ceremony is being held on the beach in Naples, Florida at the stunning Ritz Carlton Naples.  You know by now that I LOVE shooting on the beach, so this is extra exciting for me. 


Coming up soon – I will share some of my favs from our mountain trip, and our little girl got her ears pierced!


Have a great Monday!


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  1. Hi kathy! All such exciting news for you!!!
    I just recently received some prints on Styrene and LOVE them on their own!!! No need to frame - and I have gotten several compliments on how gorgeous they are alone.
    Pat Day!? Are you kidding me? The Brown Hotel!? My husband is going to be uber jealous - as he is a HUGE horse racing nut! Think you could score an autograph! Ha! Only kidding. I know you will be VERY busy!
    Congrats on all of the great things going your way!!!