Friday, September 24, 2010

a plethora of things!

Wowsa I’ve been one busy person.  School has started up and I’ve taken the plunge into my photography business!  I’m enjoying every second of it, and am lucky enough to say that people are seeking me out to take their photos.  (Oh, and they’re paying me too!)


I’m not a perfectionist, but I want to build my business what I see as ‘the right way’.  Which means a LOT of time implementing ideas and procedures that I’ve envisioned for my business.  This is a bit challenging for me, as I am not the most organzied person.  I’m trying to be. 


I am spending A LOT of time in front of the computer.  I am lucky that my family is 100% supportive and excited about this venture!  By the way, I have started my facebook fan page so please take a visit … Kathy Howard Photography.  I’d love to hear from you!


I haven’t given up on this blog, as it is where I started and where I continue to grow.  I just may not update it every day, as my business requires my time elsewhere.  But I am still taking pictures every day (well, almost!) and do plan on fulfilling my 365 pledge that will take me to the end of this year.  Selfishly I do this, as I cannot wait to put together a coffee table book titled “2010 – A Year in Pictures”!


So here’s an attempt to catch up on atleast one week before I break for lunch and run errands!



Oops – undated and unbranded!  This is from Sep. 10th.  Dressed up for a costume birthday party.



Sep. 11th.  Oak Island Shoot.  More eyelashes (;




My son’s 9th birthday party at our pool.  Last day of the pool season as well!


Looks like my baby boy :)



Received air pellet gun ( I think that’s what you call it) for a gift.  He loves target practice.  I told  him if  he (or should I say WHEN) misbehaves I may have to use it on him … maybe I’m not joking…LOL!


The way boys bond.


More shots in the next post … thanks for making it this far!



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