Sunday, September 26, 2010

catchin’ up!

Had an interesting photo shoot yesterday – lots of children, and my jokes just weren’t that good.  BUT I’ve culled the shots and think I got a few momma will like … fingers crossed!

Busy week coming up – heading out Thursday morning for a long weekend (for my bday) on Ocracoke. Just. Can’t. Wait.

Here’s my daily photos up until today – YEAH I’m caught up!!



Some days I really want to be him (:









Scoping out Fletcher Park for a shoot in two weeks.  Quite a beautiful spot!  Clients requested their family shoot here, since they were married on the steps of this historical house.  And now they have 3 children under 3!









Have to wake her up every school morning.  She’ll sleep 12 hrs still if I let her!










Do you remember my shot this past spring, the heart shadow on the magnolia? (It’s in my blog header slideshow)

Low and behold, another natural heart has appeared.  Autumn heart.









On her way to her first middle school dance.  Holy Moly time flies. 








Grand re-opening of Hillsborough Street party.  Home of the original barrel monster.  Meet the barrel she-monster!








Driving home from church today,  youngest wants me to teach her how to ‘see the light’ like I talk about.  So we chat about open shade and such.  I said “see there’s a great spot with open shade, and near sun so it’s bright”. 

The girls convinced me stop by the house and grab my camera, we threw some props (and boots!) in the car and we headed back to this old metal shop. 

It’s my hidden gem … and best part it’s less than a mile from my house!




Have a wonderful Monday!  I’m looking forward to delivering three print orders that have arrived in the last few days, as well as finishing up edits on my crazy Saturday shoot.  Oh, and a hair cut Tuesday too!



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