Friday, September 24, 2010

a plethora part 2


I remember having these curlers as a girl and loving them.  That’s probably why I bought them.  So my straight & fine hair headed daughters can feel the thrill of curls!!!



She had slept in the curlers too.  She wanted the smallest ones so her hair would be extra curly.  Well, she looked curlier than Shirley Temple and begged me to straighten it!  “No time honey – we have to catch the bus.”  So we put it up and it looked lovely ;)






There’s a new frozen yogurt place in town called Marmelade Skies.  Self serve, and probably over 100 toppings?  Delicious!!!

Tough for kids to not over indulge, tough for parents who have to pay by the pound for it! 


Something so nice about a warm evening, ice cream and a bench ;)








Went for a walk in the dusty dirty field beside us.   Nature can be so forgiving!







sep18th Youngest won a statewide award for her Rainbow Fish artwork!   Super proud parents are we.

Not only did we get to have a posh lunch at a fancy hotel, but she got a plaque AND a check!



Have a great weekend – hopefully I’ll catch up the rest tomorrow~



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