Friday, September 17, 2010

Senior Girls Sneak Peek – Oak Island, NC.

Last weekend I had the privilege to travel to a beautiful place to take pictures of beautiful girls. 

It was a whirlwind trip – up at sunrise Saturday morning (which I don’t mind with a cup of coffee!) and a 3 hr roadtrip to the beach.  Love to drive to the beach! 

Arrive at beach house and pick outfits/play dress up for a while (:

Head out to lunch with the mommas while the young ladies got all purty, and scouted out locations.

Mid-afternoon  headed out with a van full of clothes and girls and had a total blast! (never mind the ‘old men’ fishermen oogling while I’m trying to shoot  – made for great photos anyway!)


Amazing, smart & talented young ladies.  They’re most definitely going places.


DSC_0139 high pass sharp BW



DSC_0129 sharp BW



DSC_0158 sharp

friends since age 3.


DSC_0278 sharp1 BW

DSC_0284 hp sharp BW

DSC_0309 sharp1

DSC_0422 sharp

love the end of day light.




AND the shot that gave me goosebumps the minute I saw it…


DSC_0362 sharp1

may need a big print of this one.  definitely.



p.s. behind on my daily photos … been busy shooting … more updates coming soon!



  1. OMGoodness Kathy, beautiful picture!!

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  3. The picture of the ballet jump is breath taking! Beautiful capture.

    They are all so great. You are so dedicated to the 365 day project...inspiring!