Friday, February 25, 2011

I Heart Faces : Fix it Friday #88


I know, I know … don’t fall off your chair or anything.  Two posts in one day?!

(Today is my day off from exercise and I am ‘treating’ myself to online fun, as opposed to vacuuming!)



This original image is so pretty to me.  I’m probably partial since I have a daughter about the same age.

Love the composition:









This picture really didn’t need much, just a little boost:







My process (in CS4) :

1. Curves adjustment

2. FREE TRA action 12K from facebook … it’s a new fav.

3. Burned the edges

4. I played around with some creative cropping, but liked the original composition best.



See more edits for yourself over at I HEART FACES.


Happy Friday!




  1. I love the added contrast! She really pops... great edit!

  2. Same here i liked the original so much all i could do was boost some color... play with contrast.

  3. Kathy, I agree! The image didn't need much at all!

  4. Beautiful!! Her skin tone looks fabulous!