Friday, February 25, 2011

Windy Day

So nice and warm and windy today… with a little bit of rain… that’s how you know Spring is on it’s way and personally, I cannot WAIT!

Things are moving along nicely.  KHP Blog is close to completion … I feel like a broken record!  However, it’s all new to me and there’s quite a lot of details to figure out the first time around.


Here’s my two youngies on their way to the bus stop… wouldn’t ya know we were ready early enough to walk (for once) instead of drive, and it started to rain 30 seconds into it.  So we drove (:




Doing a little comparison here.  This first image was resized and saved my ‘usual’ way in Photoshop.




First off, let’s focus on my son for the comparison.  I shot this at 2.5 with the focal point on him , and since my daughter is not on the exact same plane, she is not as sharp.

This image is not as sharp as it was before I uploaded it.  Neither of them actually.  Lost detail during the upload to blogger.  Yuck.





This second image was processed the same way, but when I saved it I chose the option ‘save for web’.  It dramatically decreases the size of your image, without much quality reduction (we’ll see).  Makes for a speedier blog load.


Some difference in the color, but otherwise not too much … which is nice!  If you use photoshop, check it out.  File<Save for web and choose jpeg.  Adjust the slider as low as possible until you start to see a decrease in quality.  I think this one was set at 80.

This third image was uploaded to Photobucket, as recommended to me by the fabulous Rachel Durik through Formspring.  I sent her a question asking how her blogger images are so sharp.  She recommended uploading to Photobucket and then pasting the html into the blog.  So let’s see :




Wow!  By far the sharpest of them all.  Can you tell the difference? Thank you Rachel for sharing your wisdom. 


I’m gonna hit ‘publish’ and then come back and make comments.




Have a fabulous Friday!



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