Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Day Wedding


What an incredible experience it was to assist the very talented Todd Nichols with this wedding.  I definitely learned a lot, and gained a lot of confidence which will be quite useful for the wedding I am shooting in November!!!


I have a full blog post up on my site … click HERE.  I apologize for sending you over there, but I honestly don’t have enough time to do both and will most likely stop posting here the end of the year.  I’ll keep you ‘posted’!


I assisted 90% of the time, and got to shoot the other 10%.  Yes, I wanted to shoot (a LOT)  more, but I was also able to absorb what was going on without any pressures. 


Here are my two favorite images that I captured:


This was taken right before entering the ceremony.  Since there were no side isles in the ceremony room, Todd asked me to catch these pre-walking down the isle moments.  YES I was nervous, but pretty pleased with the image. 



I also got to shoot at the reception, which was kind of hard because of the set-up of the room.  The table of honor was long, thin & directly in front of the dance floor.  And there was a wall behind it!  It was also hard not to jump out there and start dancing Smile



I creatively cropped this image of Pat Day and his very very sweet mother, to remove a lot of distracting elements from the background:


Aren’t they adorable?



Next up I am second shooting a wedding with the fabulous Rachel Durik of Savor Photography at the Ritz Carlton Naples.  I am way beyond exited for this … I’m pretty sure you all know how much I like shooting on the beach!


Well, that’s about a full blog post.  I got chatty … lol!


Have a great Wednesday evening ya’ll … off to the bus stop I go.



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