Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb. 11 & 12


I read somewhere that to capture nice eye catch lights, have your subject facing a white wall i.e. garage door!  Worked pretty well I must say.  The only editing on this photo was sharpening.  Love that natural creamy skin… ahh, to be six again!


Today the kids had V-Day parties in school.  We made our own this year…. for the first time ever… !  The kids said their friends were excited to get something homemade and useful – seriously? I wonder if that’s true or not!

Tomorrow I will blog the dates that I was in Chicago.  Too tired now.  Must figure out a better blogging schedule than before bedtime.

Oh, and it’s snowing here… again…hooray!  More snow photos tomorrow if all doesn’t melt before we get going.


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