Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let It Snow!

Feb25 copy web 


f/1.8  1/200  ISO400

The snow was perfect timing for me today ~ woke up on the wrong side of the bed, didn’t feel like facing the day, let alone the ‘morning rush’ with three children!  Looked out the window and felt like a child again.  Big, fluffy, soft flakes. Love it!  However, as much as I love snow, I would love to see Spring even more ;)

We accumulated close to an inch, but it was the perfect snow day - it all melted before noon!



  1. I love that you put your camera settings underneath your pictures. That is a fabulous idea and a great teaching tool! Now if I could just get the editing down - got any tips for a CS4 user? :)

    Great picture!!

  2. April I am about 6 months into photoshop myself .. I own the Scott Kelby book, and that has helped a lot. I also read lots of blogs and stuff on the internet! If you have a specific question, and IF I know the answer(!), I'd be happy to help. Just email me!