Friday, February 19, 2010

Mom - One Hand!

Feb19th Feb19th web resize sharpen

f/2.5  1/640  ISO800  (taken in low light around 5pm) no flash                                                                                                      Processed with curves to lighten, sharpen & my new lovely textures (Halo 100% and Batik 66%) from my new fav ,          Jessica Drossin.

Don’t you just love the good old fashioned games? We are all so happy for the weekend… especially since it will be warm enough to play outside without a coat!  Horseshoes, jump rope, and chalk… here we come!

I posted these two pics side by side for a reason.  I have been seeing quite a difference between the results I see from Photoshop, and the results posted on my blog.  In photoshop they are vivid  - once posted here, well, blah.  Yes, I am definitely figuring out this photo-blogging thing one day at a time!  Lovin’ this 365 project!

I looked through my actions list, and found a resize and sharpen for web action from MCP Actions.    It is called Baby Bear resize and sharpen for web from the Quickie Collection.  Oh my gosh.  What a difference!! (and it’s the ONLY difference)The photo on the right actually looks what I want it to look like AND it is a much smaller file, which I suppose is a good thing so that if someone decides to ‘steal’ my photo, they won’t be able to do much with it.

Happy Weekend ;)



  1. Great job on fixing it up. I love MCP actions too. Love the action shot.

  2. Thanks Sheryl... I love texture but am a novice.