Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ahhhh, the Arboretum.

I walked out of my kids school this morning, after volunteering for several hours, and decided to treat myself to a stroll through the arboretum.  It’s one of my happy places & it’s PEACEFUL!

Unfortunately it was early afternoon, and the cloud cover moved away so I was shooting in pretty full sun (think harsh shadows).  However, I got a few shots I’m really happy with. 

I stepped out of my editing comfort zone today.  I shot in RAW, uploaded in the free Lightroom Beta, edited using sliders and a few presets, and exported as JPEG files.  Wow, Lightroom really is so much faster!


Enjoy a virtual stroll through the JC Raulson Arboretum…. Spring is definitely still in bloom!


I love the budding roses framing the blooming rose.












I think they called this flower a shooting star (note to self- write down names!).  Never seen anything like it.






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