Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I’m Back – Six Days Worth!

Hello out there in blog world!  Thank you for your patience while I was on vacation in SW Florida.  I did my best to keep blogging, but the beautiful sunny weather and companionship with family got in the way :)

Here we go with SIX days worth :

Apr1st_1 Sorry no exif data!  I downloaded the free Beta version of Lightroom 3,  and used it to process this photo.   Not sure where the data is… one step at a time, right?!

This photo was taken on the small boat to our private beach (well, private for a large community and the Marriot!).  We love the private beach.  Twice a week they run the boat for sunset.  My Dad and I took my 3 and one of our nephews.  We had so much fun – and of course it was a stunning sunset! 

Sunset light makes me very, very happy.





Apr1st_2Not so much orange sunset glow left, but I’m still mesmerized by this shot.  I’m so glad she’s growing her hair long!





f/5.6  1/640  ISO100

Fort Myers beach.  My parents and all grandchildren besides one (Hi baby Rex ~ next year, okay?).

Learned a lot from taking this photo, especially to make sure to tell everyone to not look down! I took 20+ shots of this (I only asked for one try), and in NOT ONE shot is everyone looking ahead or sideways.  Always someone looking down.  Note to self for future!





f/5.6  1/640  ISO100

Yes, Willis got to go to the beach too.  He is definitely NOT a water dog, but that’s okay :)





f/4.5  1/500  ISO100

My oldest girl loves to take photos too (I’m happy!).  I put it in Aperture mode for her, and let her go.  I love to see what she sees – most of the time  it is completely different than I.  And I enjoy that very much.

I’ve been meaning to take a self-portrait for a while now.  Although this isn’t quite a self portrait, I like it.  (Strategic  positioning of my son!)





f/8 (wanted to have the cows mostly in focus)  1/200  ISO100

The drive home.  Somewhere in Florida we stopped, and happened upon this wonderful field of cows & calves. 

The drive home.  Normally around 12 hours.  Almost 14 on Easter Sunday.  Me oh MY!





f/2.8  1/250  ISO200

Home.  Happy to be home. 

Grilling, chilling & laughing on the deck.





f3.2  1/400 ISO400

Yup, we got dandelions in our yard!  Oh, and more pollen than you can EVEN imagine.

  I was hoping to capture  a nice flow of white fluffies after she blew, but it was a tough little dandelion to work with!


Until tomorrow…





  1. Ugh. I just tried to post a really long comment and there was an error! Argh! Anyway, I love all of these. The sunset shots are awesome. Gotta love that FL sunshine. I love the laughter shot from April 5th - you should enter that one in the contest! And the last one is great of your daughters eyes...

  2. You did a great job with these. I absolutely love them. Way to go!