Friday, April 16, 2010

Fix it Friday #50


What a beautiful girl this week!  I can tell her eyes are gonna sparkle!

FIF50 Before




First step :  Bring up the exposure.  That’s all I did here.  I used MCP Actions Underexposure fixer THREE times at 100 % each to get the light up.



FIF50 copy

The rest of my steps:

1.  Curves S layer - slight

2. MCP Actions Magic Skin 35%

3. CS4 Clone Stamp Tool to remove a few blemishes on forehead and nose

4. Florabella Collection Lighten/Brighten 49%

5. MCP Sharp People 100%

6. Florabella Collection Cosmopolitan 40%

7. Crop to 5x7

I have to admit (and you can probably tell) I love to use actions!  When I first owned CS4, I purchased the Scott Kelby book and spent many a late night teaching myself how to use this awesome program. 

So, I don’t feel too badly about using actions – I do know how to do most of these actions (or close anyway!) on my own.  What time savers they are!



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