Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas card photo attempt #2

Early release day for the kids.  Took them & the bikes to my favorite running lake, as I have been eyeing a possible card locale for a few weeks now.  A new spot at the lake – in a construction area.

So, we rode our bikes the 1mile to this spot.  I didn’t think that the hardhats would still be there @4pm.  Argh.  I thought about crossing the barrier anyway, but with equipment and cranes I realized that was a stupid idea, and most likely I’d be kicked out anyway. 

Lucky for me my oldest packed a bag of props (she was excited for this shoot) and found a cruddy old spot down by the water’s edge.  It was muddy and mucky, but she was SO excited about setting up the shot that I went with it.

I got a cute one of her …



I am so proud of her for thinking ahead and ‘seeing the shot’.  As she described it, “ It’s perfect Mom.  Dark, spooky and dirty background with fresh and lively children.” 

Proud Momma Smile




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