Sunday, December 5, 2010

The rest of November

As I’m becoming busier with my photography business,  my photo per day project  is (unfortunately) losing priority.  My priorities are more defined than ever, as I am struggling to find the ‘balance’ that so many stay at home Mom & photographers struggle to find.  Family first – always.

I am a bit disappointed to be finishing this year long project perhaps not as strongly as I’d like, but on the other hand I am definitely shooting with intent, and really proud at what I’ve accomplished this year!

I’ve decided not to date these photos, just know they were taken sometime in the last 10 days of November, and more than half of them were captured on the same day (:


(warning – photo heavy blog post ahead)




We traveled to KY for Thanksgiving.  Lucky for us it snowed the first day.  Well, a dusting of snow – but that qualifies for sledding for us southerners!




No trip to Louisville would be complete without a  trip here.  Too much fun.



Yup, that’s me and some blurry horses (:




My nephews.  Attempting Christmas card photo!




So lucky my children are such easy models!  (most of the time, anyway)

By the way, I shot in JPG the whole trip so I could download easily to any computer.  However, I wish I had shot this one in RAW as I blew out my sky pretty harshly, and that’s really hard to recover in Jpeg.  Do you see the pixelation that looks like a cloud layer?  I like it though – so let it be.



Be still my beating heart.   My baby nephew.  Simply a sweet and lovable little dude!




Baby bro with his baby.  He’s a great Dad!




Time for a timer photo and some turkey!  This year my two sisters and one brother in law couldn’t make it.  We missed them a lot.





Another brother and his preggo wife.  Trying for some maternity shots down by the river, but she’s still so petite at 5 months.  So darn cute.  Yup, it’s her first (:

Can’t wait to meet the little person in March!





Yes, we’re a silly bunch!




Lots of cousin fun goin’ on.  My girls were in seventh heaven!



On our way home.  Avoiding the stand-still traffic and enjoying the scenery of backroads, VA.


The end.  Thanks for reading!



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