Monday, May 3, 2010

Blogger Color Trouble


May3rd May3rd

f/3.2  1/160 ISO400

Photo on the left is the web ready shot from CS4, processed the same way I always do.  Problem is, this is not how it looks on my photoshop screen!

Photo on the right was ‘warmed’ here in Window Live Writer (effects tab).  Photo on the right is much closer to what I see on my photoshop screen than photo on the left.

Any ideas? Advice? Please comment!

Have I done something to my color source without knowing, or is blogger wacky? Either way, this is quite frustrating.

BTW, there is a great post  ‘how do you edit’ over at the Maternal Lens.  Click HERE.

Oh, and that IS my rainbow sweatshirt from the 80’s (thanks for saving it Mom!)



1 comment:

  1. Hm... I can imagine your frustration!!!

    The image on the left looks very "washed out" colour wise... I wonder whether saving is as "web ready" file takes the colour out of it? I use blogger and haven't had any problem with my photos looking washed out. Maybe try saving it as a high quality jpeg and see what happens...?

    Hope this is helpful...

    Vicki x