Friday, May 7, 2010

I Heart Faces Fix it Friday #53


Today's FIF photo was submitted by Leticia from Blessed With Five Boys.  Wow.  Five boys! Happy Mother’s Day!

What a sweetheart this little guy is.

FIF 53 Original Photo

FIF 53 copy1

My fix in CS4:

1.  Curves adjustment.  Middle point up a few clicks, slide black slider to right ever so slightly.

2.  Clone stamp tool to conceal some of dark area around right eye (I’m thinking a bruise from big brother? or chocolate!)

3. MCP Actions Magic Skin 44% to smooth it out

4. MCP Actions  Sharp People 59%

5.  Florabella Extra Actions – Lighten Brighten 22%


FIF 53  Soft Color Pop

This is a fun photo to play around with actions.

This here is Florabella Soft Color Pop


FIF 53  BW

Mmmmmm, I think I really like it in B&W – I must be on a kick right now…

Have a great Friday!



  1. Love all your edits :) Really well done!

  2. Your last to pics are fantastic! I love the action you used and the b&w is stunning!

  3. These are all so beautiful. Lovely work.

  4. Love your fixes - especially the BW!