Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tow Truck & a Talent Show


I started my Friday my favorite way – 7am yoga.  Hubby gets kids ready for school and on the bus, and by 8:30 AM I am home and have exercised and ready to seize the day!

I get home, and  unfortunately our beach truck (appropriately named ‘Sandy’) decided she wasn’t going to start. 

We do love our Sandy.  But, she is old and is using up all of my ‘new lens’ funds!!

I think you’ll enjoy my sneaky photo here. 

Only in NC would you have a towing company with this name.  Well, maybe SC too :)


f/4.0  1/1000 ISO 200

Somehow that name lightened my saddened (less money for new lens & camera) mood.


Friday night – big plans – took youngest and two BFF’s to talent show.

Apr30th f/3.2  1/80  ISO400

(Not sure about blogger lately – this shot looks a lot different than in my CS4)

Words can’t express how much I love this shot. 

You bet I’m going to schedule a play date with these three and make it a photo session!  How lovely & fun to have the three completely different colorings. 



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