Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just Me & My New Mug

may6th f/3.2  1/80 ISO100

My mornings have gotten much nicer, now that I’m drinking coffee out of my Vietri mugs.  So smooth and pretty, with a  homemade feel.  Love it!

I was sitting on the front stoop this morning, watching my children walk to the bus stop.  Sipping my coffee.

Tears came.  Tears of joy they were off to school? Tears that summer is almost here?  Perhaps! 

Actually, I am probably like many mothers out there, wondering where all the time is going.  When, oh when, did they get to be this big?  Big enough to start middle school?  Big enough to not need me? (Or atleast act like it). 

Although I am enjoying my new freedoms, I am a bit hesitant to grasp this new frontier.  Yes, it will be a good frontier.  However, I am not ready!  Not ready for dating and broken hearts.  Phew.  That’ll be tough. 

I am not ready for time to fly by even faster, as I have been warned many many times.

I do consider myself lucky, however, that I actually like my kids and the people they are becoming!


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