Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wildflower Dream

Last weekend we drove to the beach for Mother’s Day, as you may remember from my previous blog post.  We drove by a gorgeous field of wildflowers, not too far from home.  (Way to go NC DOT!) We decided we’d stop on the way home for photos, but it ended up being dark.

Hubby called me Friday on his way to the beach with our son, and told me I HAD to see the field now.  Unfortunately, I woke up Friday with a terrible sore throat.

It was on my mind all day.  Just pull it together  I told myself, and take the girls for a few shots.  And, that’s what we did!  Headed out for some lovely end-of-the day light, and picked up Whole Foods for dinner on the way home.

They did a fantastic job modeling for me, and not (totally) freaking out about all the bees.


















  1. Couple of things....
    You're girls are beautiful. These photos really show sweet innocence. Great perspective. Color is awesome. Great location. All around - love these!