Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Backdrops are Everywhere!


One of the locations if my senior shoot last week was old town Garner.  My senior wanted her photo on a historical caboose, something different.    I agreed, and proceeded to scout the location a few days before the shoot.  I wish I had taken some photos from a distance, because this caboose was a real challenge.  Either side of this historical caboose was a street, with one side parking.  Street signs and power lines.  Ugh! My angles were limited, and I was glad I checked it out ahead of time so I was familiar with the challenges and ready to conquer them!  Never be afraid to shoot angular I say …











We had another location in mind for after the caboose shots, but I decided to explore Main Street.  I came upon a cop shop & a printing shop.  Hmmm. Not the greatest.  But the further I went, the more treasures I found …


I love the way this door brings out her eyes, and the intricate design on the door itself.  There was a white sidewalk beneath us (great natural reflector!) and good sky light, so I knew we would get beautiful catch lights in those baby blues!









Yesterday it rained like crazy, but no thunder so my kids were out playing in it.  I am on a mission this week to capture our favorite summer things … I have an album on Facebook called “Dog Days of Summer


Anyway, here’s the first shot:


Was trying to follow the leading line of the sidewalk.  I like it because it’s my daughter, but I hate all the distractions in the background. 







I changed my angle & changed my aperture to be very shallow on this one 2.0, because I thought the flooded grass would give amazing bokeh to this shot …. and it did!  Would you think she is sitting on the curb next to a house for sale? Don’t think so!



So go out and challenge yourself to find a beautiful backdrop in an unlikely place.  I’d love to see what you find!



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