Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fields of Joy


f/9.0  1/80  ISO100

Beautiful, sunny morning!

  On my way to the lake for a walk/jog (still recovering from sciatic issue, so no actual ‘running’ yet).  I drive by this little old farmhouse all the time.  I love this type of old country scene.  I know this scene won’t last long.  To the right of this photo is an enormous college apartment complex.  Our area is growing very quickly, which is good for the economy, but bad for peaceful scenes as these. 

I always think to myself how fun it would be to dress up the kids and take their photos frolicking in this field!  Some day real soon – before the bugs and snakes take over. 



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  1. This is beautiful Kathy! Great light and I love the coloring. You are so lucky to have this near you. Please take the kids out - I can't wait to see!