Monday, March 15, 2010



The new theme for this week is perspective.  I am intrigued and inspired… and ready to tackle it!  Did you know that changing your perspective is a key way to change your pictures from snapshots to photographs? 

My normal morning routine includes some sort of exercise after the children go to school.  With my leg injury, I am not able to exercise.  I believe I am having withdrawal symptoms! So much that I dropped the kids off at school, and headed to my favorite arboretum to breath the crisp morning air, and clear my head.  Too bad when I was done with my 45 minute stroll (and a few perspective shots), my leg was not feeling too well.  Sigh.


f/3.2  1/1250  ISO100   Underneath the plant

I’ve been keeping up with this plant (my memory fails the name – sorry!), waiting for the flowers to face upward, but they haven’t, and it doesn’t appear they will.


f/4.0  1/100  ISO100      Into the Sun

I must say, I love love this photo!   I was aiming for glare (which normally your f stop should be a bit bigger #), and got that gorgeous red/orange circle!   I am wondering if there is something on my sensor?  It doesn’t make sense, but I love it! 


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