Thursday, March 25, 2010



f/2.5  1/100  ISO 200  SPOT metering

I consider myself extremely lucky that my 5th grader loves to study.  She always has, and I hope she always will!

I tried spot metering for the first time tonight (been reading the manual lately).  I figured most of my light was coming from one spot, so I’d try!  I am quite please with the way the lighting turned out on this photo vs. matrix metering.  The matrix metering didn’t create the drama of directional light, as I feel this photo has. 

I processed using a free TRA B&W Action for Photoshop, tweaked a little more with curves & added just a little texture.




  1. The light is perfect and I love her freckles. You're inspiring me to try some spot metering (now I just need to figure out what that is on my camera!)

  2. Love the directional light -- it really conveys a mood. Gotta love the freckles, too. :)