Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Opposite of Old


f/2.2  1/250  ISO200

I’m sorry to say the ‘old’ theme just didn’t inspire me today.  And that’s okay.  I told myself if I couldn’t stick to a theme for an entire week, I wouldn’t.  Just wasn’t feeling the love today! Instead, I jetted to the arboretum again this morning.  I am on a mission to see the giant magnolia blooms!  No blooms yet, but soon.  I read somewhere recently that the best light to photograph flowers is an overcast day.  That it was today.  I also read you should shoot with your shutter around 1/200, to compensate for any breezes that might move the flowers. 

I also tried new processing today.  I read this post about how to make your colors pop in Photoshop.  Don’t get me wrong, I love actions, but I also like to know how things work.  I also used textures from the Florabella Collection (sorry don’t remember which ones!)

I also used the *FREE* CoffeeShop Web Color Block It Action to frame up the flower.  It took a little experimenting to get the size of the colorblock correct, but I just love it!  Thanks Rita!!


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