Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, Monday


f/2.8  1/160  ISO 800

My baby girl.  Hittin’ the books, and loving every minute of it.  I consider myself lucky (and take great pride) that my children truly enjoy reading, and will do it even when I don’t ask.  What could be better than finding your child reading on their own accord?

I love this photo because I know this toothless phase isn’t going to last long.   Those big crooked fangs will come in any day now.  And not that I don’t love them, but this is my baby.  My youngest.  Last chance for toothless grin (besides me & my hubby when we get older – ha!)  So expect a lot of toothless pictures in the near future.

She’s also in a growth spurt.  I mean, I know this isn’t the best angle for chins, but check out the meat!  Since my children are normally very thin, I love it when they bulk up ;)



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  1. Way to go on the reading!

    My boys do the same thing, but they are 3 and 1, so we are talking picture books at this point. We'll see if it lasts once we get to actually READING. :)