Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow… again…

Mar3rd web

f/1.8  1/200 ISO100

It snowed last night!  Not a lot, but good grief, enough already!  This is NC for goodness sakes!

I was at the lake this morning for my run, and decided to bring my camera with me in hopes to capture a fleeting snow photo.  One last one before we hit the 60’s later this week!  Well, there wasn’t much snow and nothing really caught my eye, except this little sapling coming up out of the ground.  This photo really stands out to me in B&W, as the snow underneath really creates some depth, and even movement to the photo. 


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  1. Another beautiful pic....I want to leave a comment on all of them but I would seem like a weirdo stalker. But you pictures are very good!!