Monday, May 9, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge : Motherhood

The perfect challenge for this week, right?


I know most of us prefer to be on the shooting side of the camera, but lately I have realized that I am not getting any younger (darn!), and my kids are growing up too quickly.  What memories will they have?  What pictures will they have to support those memories?


One of my ‘gifts’ for Mother’s Day was to have my kids jump into bed with me for a snuggle/tickle fest mini photo shoot.  No props, no make-up, just bed heads and Pj’s. 

Well, as life goes, my snuggle fest didn’t happen due to a certain tween-ager having an issue.  However, I did get this picture:



This picture speaks so clearly of everyone in it.

I couldn’t love a picture any more than I do this one.  This IS the real life (:



Celebrate motherhood and head over to I Heart Faces to see more beautiful images!






  1. Perfect! Beautiful photo and I love the focus.

  2. great comment, so true, and great slice of life!

  3. hahaha I love this. Real life is the best capture of all, isn't it? Great photo! I need to take your lead and get in some pictures, I have often thought the same thing. I'm not in very many of them!

  4. Hi Kathy! Close... I'm in Georgia! Just lovin' that photo of yours one more time! :-)

  5. Wonderful! Real life IS the best!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! so true and real! Great job!