Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ocracoke : Sisters on the Beach

I was sitting in my chair, icy beverage in hand, toes nestled so nicely in the sand, reading my book.
I looked up and this scene was before me:



I love Ocracoke for it’s small island-ness, and that we frequently find ourselves alone on the beach.

Decided this would be a great backdrop for some sister shots:

DSC_1942 copy


DSC_1945 copy

DSC_1952 copy



(I have to apologize that lately blogger seems to be mutilating my pictures – thinking about switching to Wordpress soon …they look better on Facebook!)

edited : I imported a few of these images from another source as a test... mucho better!

Next up in the Ocracoke Installation series (!)  is
“Out to Dinner & the Dock”

Have a great Wednesday!


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